The Denim Series X Black Lives Matter

My 2nd self-directed, creative styling project which aimed to highlight the injustice taking place in America towards people of colour. This project was a depiction of our solidarity, and determination to keep on shining, in a world that seems to be bent on dimming our magic.


In light of the horrific events that have taken place in recent months in America with the killing of black people in the hands of Police officers, I decided to dedicate my denim series blog shop relaunch to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

As a young black woman growing up and living in London, I have witnessed racism, and the pain of others being mistreated because of the colour of their skin. I’ve also had my own personal experiences of racism. I remember one particular incident while on the bus one day with my daughter, she was just a few months old at the time. A caucasian male who reluctantly had to move from where he was standing so that I could get my baby buggy into the allocated space on the bus, decided to express his dislike in having to move by calling me a “monkey”. He further stated that I should “go back to my country”, when I tried to challenge him with the fact that my baby buggy had every right to be in the space that he was standing.

We’re living in a time where so many people and organisations are offended by the amount  of melanin black people have in their skin. It’s a shame that I’m having to make such statement… that even now, in 2016, over 150 years since slavery was abolished in America and almost 200 years since slavery was abolished in the UK, we are still witnessing and suffering its debauchery.

When will it end?

Yes, all lives matter, but it’s clearly obvious that there are people in this world who don’t think that black people deserve to be included in that ‘all’. Those individuals and groups need to be informed that black people, black lives, DO matter!

This collaboration between #TheDenimSeries and #BlackLivesMatter brings to light that the very cotton that denim is made from, is the cotton that my black ancestors were beaten, tortured, ridiculed, enslaved, and forced to pick for hours in vast fields, hundreds of years ago. Today we wear denim as a commodity. Worn by people of all races. One of the most universal styles of outer-wear. Everybody loves denim!

With this I say, let every black man, and every black woman know that no matter what they try to do to make us feel as though we are nothing and worthless, the unmitigated reality is… we are magic!

Love and embrace the skin you’re in!


The Denim Series is available to shop on my Depop, while stocks last!

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