After years of having numerous people in my various walks of life comment on the way I dress and how I shop (thankfully all in good light), I finally decided to start my own blog and let everyone in on my love for bargain shopping and for looking good for less. This in turn has allowed be to own and express my personal style, while encouraging others to do the same, without having to spend a fortune.

Being aware that some of us just cannot do without some of our favourite designer brands, I like to showcase both affordable fast fashion as well as featuring more expensive brands, and even mixing and matching both ends of the price scale to create stylish looks. You can truly have the best of both worlds if you cannot live without either!

I also love to blog outfits with my now 14-year-old daughter, which provides a different and appealing view of style and fashion that is relatable to a wide age range. I mean, how often do you see mother-daughter tag team fashion bloggers? Haha!

My love for fashion has allowed me to branch out my creativity into other areas of the fashion industry, including being a fashion stylist and personal shopper. I run an AirBnB experience showing people from all walks of life and various countries, where to shop great vintage bargains, and help them with their personal style needs. For further information on this, head over to my Services page.

My blog doesn’t only focus on fashion. I love writing, and have been able to use this platform to share my thoughts and experiences in other passions, and invite my readers to be encouraged and inspired.