Go Daddy destroyed my blog!

Those of you who follow me on snapchat, and watch my insta story, you would have already been made aware of the drama that occurred regarding my blog content. But I thought I’d do a brief post basically explaining everything that happened for those of you who are probably new followers and visiting my blog for the first time. Especially if you’re wondering why I don’t have any blog post dating before this month of July, yet I’ve been blogging since 2013.

Well, what had happened was…

Back at the the start of May this year, my blog site, which is hosted by Go Daddy, went down. I was told by Go Daddy that I would need to pay a fee to get it back up. I refused to pay this fee as I felt that I was being unfairly charged for a fault that was out of my control and could have been avoided if Go Daddy had put my website under a particular setting, which I had previously requested them to do, but they didn’t. In the process of my refusal to pay this fee, I was informed that only a supervisor could override the fee and allow my blog site to be put back up. During this particular phone conversation with Go Daddy, I was also informed that a supervisor was unavailable and that one would call me back… I waited a week for a supervisor to call me back with no result.

After a week of waiting for this phone call, I decided to call Go Daddy back instead. I had the same conversation explaining that my site was down and that I wasn’t going to pay the fee, and I needed a supervisor to authorise for my site to be put back up. The person I spoke to again, said the same thing to me, by stating that a supervisor would need to give me a call back in order to resolve the issue… so I waited… another week went by… no call back.

So now my blog site has been down for over 2 weeks, and still no supervisor has bothered to call me back…

Another week goes by…

During that week I made several phone calls to Go Daddy, trying to speak to a supervisor, and having to repeat myself in explaining the situation to about 5 different people… At this point, I’m pissed.

I finally get hold of a supervisor during one of my many phone calls. Again, I had explain what had been happening over the past 3 weeks, which was very frustrating, and request for my site to be put back up, without having to pay this ridiculous fee. The supervisor told me that he would need to check the notes and make sure that my refusal to pay the fee is justified, and then get back to me. So I’m thinking, its taken over 3 weeks for me to speak to a supervisor, and when i finally do, he wants to leave me hanging so he can go read some notes before he can actually do anything?!… Yh, I’m more than pissed now…

This supervisor tells me that he is going to backup my blog site content in the meantime while he does his little investigation and gives me his email address to email him, if he doesn’t call me back. Nearly a week goes by and no still no call back, so I emailed him. A few days go by and I still have no call back, or even a reply to my email.

Its not 4 weeks into this whole mess. I’m tired, I’m frustrated, I’m pissed off, I’m unable to do any blog content, I’m unable to make any form income from my blog for 4 weeks! A whole month has gone by and NOTHING has been resolved!

I make yet another phone call to Go Daddy, probably the 9th person I’ve had to speak to in a month. I ask to speak to another supervisor and explained the whole situation, again. He goes over my notes on their system from the past 5 weeks and comes to the conclusion that I shouldn’t need to pay this fee to get my blog site back up and authorises for the fee to be wavered and for my site to be put back up… FINALLY!

He informs me that it may take between 24 – 72 hours for it all to be back up and running again, so I expressed my thanks for his efficiency in getting the issued resolved, and waited…

This was Saturday afternoon. The following Sunday evening I decided to check if my site was back up. To my surprise, it was, BUT, it wasn’t my blog site. It was like a basic, undeveloped new site with none of my content on it. The design was different, and there was basically nothing on it. None of my pictures, none of my original site layout, none of my blog posts were there… I was baffled!

At first I thought maybe its because its not been the full 72 hours yet and it needs more time for all my content and everything to appear as it was. So in order to confirm my thoughts, I gave Go Daddy another call to find out. But to my shock and disappointment I was told that, that was it! My blot site. Completely content-less. Why? Because they didn’t have a back up of all my content to put back up!

I almost passed out!

What do you mean???? 4 years worth of content is just gone? WHAT?! HOW?! WHO?! WHAT?! WHERE?!

He went on further to tell me that when a site id down, Go Daddy only holds the content for 30 days, unless its been backed up. It had taken over a month, over 30 days, for Go Daddy to get my site back up, but not one person I had spoken to over this period, including the supervisor who told me he was going to back up my site, didn’t back up my content. Now ALL my content, every single feature of my site, is lost FOREVER with no way of getting it back! All the time and effort I put into every post I did over 4 years, all the money I spent on my blog site for it to look and function the way I had it, all the affiliate links I had on there that was making me an income so I can look after my daughter and pay my bills… EVERYTHING WAS GONE!

I basically had to start all over again… from scratch…

And that is where I’m at now. Having to start again, create new content, redesign my site, and try and salvage any previous posts that I had thankfully saved on my laptop, along with their images saved on my hard drive, and repost them. In the meantime, I’m seeking legal advice to see if I can claim any compensation for my losses and Go Daddy’s incompetence lack of efficiency in dealing with this whole situation.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me encouraging words the night i was ranting about all of this on my snapchat and insta story. Your words of encouragement and support really meant a lot, and I’m just happy that the blog posts that have been destroyed were once of help and inspiration to my readers at the time they were posted, and that will never change.

Onwards and upwards it is.

I don’t know why God has allowed me to experience this, but I believe that all things work together for the good of those that love God and that are called according to His purpose. God is in control, and what the enemy may mean for evil, God will turn it around for my good. So I gotta keep it moving!

Please make sure you subscribe to my blog if you haven’t done so already, and never miss a post. There will be a lot of newness coming your way, and I really want to use this opportunity to really make my blog everything that I’ve always wanted it to be. Stay tuned…

Love Amina xx



  1. July 14, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    OMG Amina! I’m sorry to hear this. What a nightmare and a piss on all your hard work over the years. Blogging is certainly not as easy as people think! I started backing up my blog(posts, theme, plugins, the whole shebang!) on an external hard drive earlier this year and if you haven’t already received this advice, I hope you consider doing that to save from any future losses. All the best.