Wall art goals for life and living space


Hope you’re all having a great start to the year and doing your best to stay positive, motivated and focused, regardless.

Is it me or has January been the longest month EVER! It literally feels like it’s day 42 in the month of January, haha! I probably shouldn’t complain too much, because when the months start flying by I’ll be complaining that the year is going to fast, and I still have a million things to do before it’s done!

Last month, as I was preparing to enter the new year, I decided to do a little redecorating around my flat. I just felt like I needed to create an environment where I could just enjoy being in my own space more. I also did a massive clear-out and just decluttered everywhere in my flat, including my over-flowing wardrobe. In fact I’ll be selling lots of my unwanted, pre-loved wardrobe goodies at The Blogger Market this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you there. If not, whatever I don’t sell on the day will be going up on my Depop shop.


I did my massive clear-out, redecorated, and honestly felt like I could conquer the world after! There’s just something about having a clear and tidy space, that can really lift your mood and help you have a new uplifting perspective on life. I guess the saying about the state of your bedroom being a reflection of the state of your mind could actually have some truth to it.

A lot of my decor inspo was from pinterest, which I just love! I’ve got a million boards for a million things, and I can easily spend hours just pinning a whole bunch of stuff to every board. It’s so damn addictive, haha! I realised that I really wanted some new wall art for my bedroom, and was so pleased to discover a popular posters and frames company called Desenio. They have a huge range of wall posters and frames that are beautifully designed for every room, and every interior style you can imagine. I reached out to them and was even more pleased that they were happy to collaborate with me and send me some wall art and frames of my choice.

It took me ages to finally select the ones I wanted, as they have such a huge range, I was so spoilt for choice. If I could cover my entire flat in their wall art, I probably would! I managed to make my selections, received them all in the post within a week, and found it super easy to put each frame together and hang them up on my walls. I made sure that each of the posters or prints I selected were all meaningful to me in some way, as I thought this would be a great way to compliment my new space, and each piece would be be a constant reminder of some of my personal goals, and the things that I love.

Here’s what I selected and why:


Believe it or not, I’m not really a huge makeup person (I’m more interested in skincare), but I do like wearing makeup and enjoy it. However, for me, this poster isn’t really about makeup. I know it’s clearly referring to makeup with the obvious “contoured” part, but I love the fact that it also says “I came” and “I saw”. To me, this is a personal reminder that I only have this one life to live. I’m here, I’m alive by the grace of God, and I want to see that I live my purpose while I’m still here, so that one day, I can look back and genuinely say to myself, with joy in my heart, “I came, I saw, and I contoured, amongst other things, to the best of my abilities!” I know, I’ve made such a simple, light-hearted, humorous statement into the deepest analogy ever, haha! But, it’s kind of a reflection of my personality, to be honest. I don’t take myself too seriously and love being carefree and silly, but I can also suddenly switch it up and have very deep thoughts and conversations about life in a split second… clearly!


I had to get myself  a world map because travelling is something I love to do, and my life goal is to do it more often. I just want to travel! I want to see the sunset, and sunrise from different parts of the world, and this poster is my daily reminder to continue to pursue and create opportunities to do so.


If you’ve been following me for while now, you’ll know that my reason for selecting this poster is pretty self-explanatory. I love fashion, I love style, and even if I was an astronaut I would still take pictures of my outfits and post it on instagram, haha! Fashion is something that comes to me so easily, and it’s definitely a way of self-expression. Of all the jobs, roles, and endeavours I’ve embarked on since the age of 15, fashion blogging has been the most consistent thing I’ve done. Even before I had anything to do with the fashion industry, people would automatically assume that I worked in fashion, or was some sort of fashion stylist, simply based on how I looked and dressed. Fashion & style will always be a part of me, and I’m even at the age of 80, I’m still going to be SLAYING on the gram like my grandmother-from-another-mother Ms Baddie Winkle, haha!


Guys, I think I may have a slight obsession with plants! Specifically palm trees and leaves. In fact, just greenery as a whole. I literally want my entire flat to look like a forest with the amount of plants and greenery I’ve been filling it with, haha! To the point where I now need to have pictures of greenery on my walls now too. There are so many beautiful plant images on the Desenio website, and I really struggled to not make all my poster selections be only about plants. This particular poster just stood out to me the most and had to get it. I love how plants and even images of plants bring a calming sense of nature to a room. It really creates a mood where decor is concerned. Although all the plants in my flat are artificial, I’m planning to add a few real plants that I can look after, as having real plants in the home are great for reducing carbon dioxide, pollutants, and airborne dust levels in the air. I definitely want to get more plant posters for the rest of my flat.


I selected black wooden frames for all my posters as I really liked the matte finish on them, and felt that the black borderline look they create around the each poster helps them to stand out better, against my plain white walls. The black frames also worked well with the colour scheme of my bedroom as whole.

Here’s how I’ve incorporated my posters into the decor of my room:

Oh hi! Don’t mind me… I’m just here, pretending to look at something interesting on my phone, but what I’m really doing is posing and pressing the Sony camera control button that’s connected to my phone, while my camera is on a tripod, in order for me to take this picture of myself… haha!”


Y’all know I had hook y’all up with a discount code right? I’ve got you!

Between January 23rd -25th ONLY, you can treat yourself to 25% off Desenio posters using my discount code: thisisamina

Unfortunately, the discount code doesn’t apply to frames, however, they are quite affordable, and prices start from as little as £3.95 and are no more than £36 for the largest frame size of  28×39 inches.

Make sure to check out Desenio on instagram for loads of great inspo on posters and room decor ideas.

The direct links for each one of my poster selections are linked in their titles, under each image.

Go get your wall art bargains boo!